Sunday, June 6, 2021

Clever Keas Modelled Caldera Volcanoes. It was FUN!

In the experiment, we inflated and buried a balloon in the boxes filled with flour and sand. The flour represented the Earth and the balloon a magma chamber. Students popped the balloons – this represented the eruptions – and then viewed the caldera or crater that is left behind.  We learnt how lakes like Taupō and Rotorua were formed. 

Monday, May 31, 2021

Congratulations Rm 9! Ka pai!


Hurricanes by Adrian

Hurricanes by Adrian

Hurricanes are some of the most deadliest and powerful storms on the planet. They can bring destructive storms that can cause tsunamis as well.

Hurricanes can bend trees and damage buildings and cause disasters. Warnings can be sent around, and people might flee from their homes. But sometimes people ignore warnings. 

Hurricanes are formed like this:

1. Hurricanes start to form when the water is warm underneath storm clouds.

2.As these areas of moving air and clouds rise, they move faster and faster. They start to rotate in a spiral.

3. The centre of the hurricane is calm. It is called the eye of the hurricane. 

4. A hurricane is formed.

Hurricanes are like tornadoes but hurricanes are bigger and stronger.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Night Shadows by Osaiasi


Night Shadows by Ngariki


Mother's Day by Neomi

 Monday 10th May 2021

  Mother's Day! On Sunday I surprised my mum because it was mothers day! I love mothers day because you get to write your mum a card about how much you really appreciate what your mum has done for you . I wrote a card for my mum but not just a card I made her pancakes for lunch kind of , not all people make pancakes for lunch but she wanted them so i decided to make them for her with my sister. 
When I cooked 3 or 4 I wanted to make a special one so that she would feel happy , I made her a love heart one to show how much I love her . After a while, my dad started to cook a roast chicken in the oven , after my dad put the roast in the oven my dad and my mum went out to get some ingredients . When they came back they had some potato's and some other stuff for the roast . After one hour they did the potato's , then in a couple of hours dinner was served but I was sleeping but then my sister came to wake me up . When I ate dinner it was delicous but the thing that I knew was going to be more delicous was the chocolate cake , turns out it tasted much more better but it also was a bit sweet but yum at the same time . I had fun on mothers day and I'm pretty sure my mum and family did too!

Mother's Day by Liana

 My spectacular mothers day by Liana

On Sunday morning i woke up early because i needed to get my mum's breakfast done for my mum’s breakfast i didn’t make a normal breakfast what i made was a nut cookie with strawberry inside i've made thousands of them with all of the cookies i made the word mom.I covered all of the cookies with syerpe. then i waited and waited for my mum to wake up.Then i heard my mom getting out of bed so i carefully placed the tray on the table then when my mum was walking towards the bathroom i said good morning. She replied saying good morning back then so she went in the bathroom and I went to sit down in the living room then as soon as she walked in the kitchen she saw the breakfast she ran to me and said thank you Liana. I really love the breakfast just as I was about to say anything she gave me a hug so she ate and i watched TV Soon it became noon and my mum went to take the dog on a walk so it was time i surprised her I pulled out my card and balloons and some confetti so then I waited then i heard the door open. So I got ready as soon as she took a step in here i said….. SURPRISE!!!!!! She was silent for a second then she replied …. THANK YOU DARLING then she gave me a huge hug and then after that me and my mum cleaned up the mess it was the best mothers day ever having to see my mum smile.

Multiplication by Mason


Multiplication arrays by Zurielle


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Composite Patterns and their elements by Liana

 In her video, Liana explains her understanding of the composite patterns and their elements. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Composite Pattern by Sekope, Osaiasi and Cc

 We found 2 attributes of our pattern.

Composite Patterns by Nui and Celia

We have been learning to notice, create and explain composite patterns. Some patterns have two or more units of repeat within one pattern. We tried to create our own composite pattern and explain its attributes (elements). 

Composite pattern by Neomi

 In this video, Neomi explains her composite pattern and its elements.